About Us

About Us

In order to join Home on the Rock, at least one parent from the family must attend a new member meeting.  Our next meeting will be in June, please check the website (www.homeontherock.org)  for the date – it will be posted in May.  The fee to join Home on the Rock is $40 for one year, and membership renewal is held yearly.  We do not hold open houses.


Some things you should know about Home on the Rock:


  • We are a conservative, Christian homeschool group, run solely by volunteers.
  • We define home education as the parent doing the teaching, therefore anyone using a Virtual Academy (E-COT, Connections Academy, et al) is not able to join HOTR. 
  • Every parent must teach or help in a class for every session your family participates in HOTR, in addition to the small class fee paid for each class.
  • We are not a drop-off program.  The parent must remain in the building the entire time.  A satisfactory background check is required before any family can join HOTR.
  • We offer a wide-range of activities such as; Volleyball, Spelling Bee, Swim, Science Fair, and Rollerskating.

Some of our local supporting churches includes: Hope Baptist Church, Amazing Grace, The Grove Church, Westside Church of God, St. John's Lutheran Church, Columbus West Church of God and First Baptist Church of Grove City.

Please email any questions to our membership coordinator,  hotrmembership@gmail.com


Our Enrichment Programs:

Diamond EP is a group for children from birth through senior high. We offer a variety of fun, innovative, and engaging classes each session with the main goal of enriching the homeschool experience. While we strive to have high-value classes, we put just as much emphasis on forming strong friendships, fellowship, and encouraging one another in our journey. We have an active social calendar including field trips, Moms’ Nights, Family Movie Nights, Celebration Nights at the end of each session, and more! We meet for 10 weeks in the Fall and 10 weeks in the Spring. As a cooperative group each active parent is required to either teach or be a classroom helper during each 10- week session with the exception that they will teach a minimum of one class within a two-session year. Attendance and participation are very important for our ep to be successful.

“May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had, so that with one mind and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.” -Romans 15:5-6(NIV)

Emerald's focus is to:

  • E...ncourage
  • M...entor
  • E...nrich
  • R...espect
  • A...ssist
  • L...ead
  • D...isciple


Titus 2:7-8 In everything set them an example by doing what is good. In your teaching show integrity, seriousness, and soundness, of speech that cannot be condemned, so that those who oppose you may be ashamed because they have nothing bad to say about us.

Emerald is a large and diverse group. Our families vary in age, size, and teaching styles, yet we find common ground as Christian homeschoolers. We offer a nursery for newborn to age two, and classes for ages two through high school. All our classes are volunteer-led and parent-chosen. We offer classes such as: Art, Music, Drama, Physical Education (soccer, basketball, football, health), cooking, sign language, social studies and geography, a variety of sciences and social thinking. Our goal is to encourage you in your homeschooling journey. Our classes will supplement what you are teaching at home. We meet for two, ten-week sessions each year. Please know that joining Emerald is a commitment.

Garnet's vision is three-fold... We provide a place for children to grow and have fellowship. We provide a place for mom to be encouraged and find support. We provide minimal commitment with great rewards!

Our monthly meetings are a rotation of: Arts Day (Art and Gym activities) Field Trips Service Projects The commitment for membership in Garnet involves a mom’s planning meeting and monthly gatherings for mom and children. We take turns planning the events. We would love to have you join us!

Garnet Expectations

  • 1. Make it a priority to attend every Garnet activity.
  • 2. Respond to e-mails that ask for an RSVP. Communicate with the leaders if you have a last-minute change of plans.
  • 3. Help the group!! Lead a craft or gym activity at an Arts Day, plan a field trip or a service project, reach out to a newer member, etc.
  • 4. Attend planning meetings.
  • 5. Be respectful of time by being on time for activities.
  • 6. Follow the HOTR standard of conduct.


New for the 2024-2025 school year! Jasper is HOTR’s new STEAM group. Jasper’s aim is to enhance your family’s home education experience by providing engaging classes that employ different teaching and learning styles for the benefit of all your students.

STEAM education is a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to learning that combines Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. Each class taught will contain all the STEAM components sometime over the ten-week session. Jasper meets for two, ten-week sessions; one in the fall and the other in the spring.

A family must have at least one compulsory aged child to join Jasper. Jasper offers classes from nursery through high school.

Leonardo Da Vinci said, “To develop a complete mind: Study the science of art; Study the art of science. Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.” Jasper’s goal is to help families flourish academically, form lasting relationships, and grow in Christ.


Onyx is academic focused group for children of all ages. We have a nursery and a preschool class where the children have engaging, age-appropriate activities provided each week. For our elementary aged children, we use a predetermined curriculum as our spine from math, science, history, grammar etc. from that resource core facts are taught and memorized, and then the children alternate through subject specific classes where they dive deeper into the info in a hands-on and engaging way.

Our middle and high school students also work through a predetermined curriculum. The material varies each year based on the needs of the families. The students are responsible for keeping up with their weekly assignments to engage with each week’s discussions and activities.

Onyx is a commitment for both the children and the parents. We need families to consistently cover the material at home, as well as for every adult be willing to be involved in some capacity each week. Parents need to purchase books and supplies for their children. We meet for 12 weeks in the fall and 12 in the Spring. Each year is a 24-week commitment. We also focus on community beyond co-op with moms’ nights, meet ups, service projects, bonfires and more!


We work hard to make sure each new member has a full understanding of how Onyx works before making a commitment.

Each fall Ruby produces a full-length play. Past plays include: Haphazardly Ever After, Much Ado about Coconuts, The Snow-White Variety Show, The Mystery at Lockwood Manor, Lucky Hudson and the 12th Street Gang, and The Mystery at Shady Acres. All the parents are involved with the production of the play. Each parent will have a primary role and a secondary role in the production. The play is performed at the end of the ten weeks for friends and family.

Please note, if your family joins Ruby, and you try out for a part and then quit, your family will not be able to be a member of Ruby in the future. Also, being active in the fall production is required each year. If a family cannot participate in the fall, then the family will be moved to NEP. In the Spring, Ruby gathers for a field trips/activities and a service project. Each family that wants to participate in the spring is responsible for planning a field trip or helping another parent plan an activity or field trip.

Sapphire’s mission is to support homeschoolers through the middle school and high school years by offering core classes, along with electives, to count toward graduation requirements. The high school core subject areas we focus on are language arts, the sciences, history/social studies, and foreign language. Current HS electives include health, choir, art, and personal finance. We also offer academic and non-academic classes for younger students.

Families must have at least one homeschooled child who is 11 years old or older by Sept 1 st of this school year to participate in Sapphire. Everyone works together to make our group successful by being prepared for class, completing assignments, maintaining good attendance, communicating clearly, and praying for each other regularly. We work as a team like the Body of Christ with many members working together with a common goal.We all have different gifts to share according to His purpose. (Romans 12:5-6)

Working together, each family is expected and supported to teach(not during your first year), help, and serve in various areas to allow for unity in the group as a whole.Our overall goal is to encourage and empower families to be successful through the middle school and high school years.