How To Notify School District

How To Notify School District

So you decided to homeschool. Congratulations! Welcome to a fantastic journey! I’m sure you’re scared, excited and perhaps a little overwhelmed.

Here are some helpful tips to get you started!


Ohio Homeschool Law

Under the updated law (passed in 2023), parents or guardians in Ohio who choose to homeschool their children no longer need to submit to the local school district superintendent an exemption from compulsory attendance. Instead, they are required to provide a notice of intent to homeschool to the superintendent.

Here's an overview of the process:

Notice of Intent: Parents or guardians must submit a notice of intent to homeschool to the superintendent of the school district where they reside. This notice should include basic information such as the names and ages of the children who will be homeschooled, as well as the parent's or guardian's contact information.

Click here to download the Home Education Notification Form from Ohio Department of Education & Workforce

  1. Educational Plan: Along with the notice of intent, parents are also required to provide an outline of the intended curriculum and educational materials they plan to use for instruction. This plan should demonstrate that the education provided will cover the subjects required by law.

  2. Under Revised Code 3321.04, parents no longer need to submit assessment documents or standardized testing scores with the Notice of Intent.

Helpful Resources:

Home Schooling | Ohio Department of Education & Workforce Revised Code - Section 3321.04 FAQs RC 3321.04 | CHEO In-Depth Overview of RC 3321.04 | Ohio Homeschooling Parents



 Tips For Sending Your Paperwork to Superintendent

*We recommend sending in your notification form and outline at least 2 weeks before your school district starts classes.

*Keep a copy of everything you mail to the school district!

*Send your paperwork by cerified mail with a return receipt. This will provide proof that you sent the proper paperwork in time.

Additional Questions?

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